TE Gaming RIG - Flag Off Event

Taiwan Excellence Gaming Rig is on a Gaming journey across India giving people the first-hand experience of the exciting world of gaming. The Taiwan Excellence’s special vehicle, the # TE Gaming Rig, was revealed at Infiniti Mall in Malad on 11 July 2017 during their Flag Off ceremony event. 


Flag off was done by Scott Yang, Deputy Executive Director, Strategic Marketing Department, Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) in Mumbai.



Speaking of the gaming vehicle, Scott said : "The mobile showroom aims to encourage everyone to experience the world of gaming. People are going to have a fabulous time trying out the gaming accessories and products from our partners, even trying their hand at gaming".   Top Brands like Acer, ADATA, Asus, BenQ, Cooler Master, D-Link, FSP, Gigabyte, In Win, MSI, Optoma, Thermaltake, and Transcend will be showcasing their great gaming products



Taiwan Excellence’s #TEGamingRig will cruise its way into the hearts of people, touring 50 locations in India, covering nearly the entire western, northern and eastern regions before returning back to Mumbai.  Their route plan is as below. The exact venue will be shared on their social media site as they keep on moving. 


Sr.No Activity Date   State District Cites
1 15-Jul Saturday Gujarat Valsad Valsad
2 16-Jul Sunday      
3 17-Jul Monday Gujarat Surat Surat
4 18-Jul Tuesday Gujarat Bharuch Bharuch
5 19-Jul Wednesday Gujarat Vadodara Vadodara
6 20-Jul Thursday Gujarat Anand Anand
7 21-Jul Friday Gujarat Ahmedabad Ahmedabad
8 22-Jul Saturday Gujarat Mehsana Mehsana
9 23-Jul Sunday Sunday    
10 24-Jul Monday Rajasthan Udaipur Udaipur
11 25-Jul Tuesday Rajasthan Ajmer Ajmer
12 26-Jul Wednesday Rajasthan Jaipur Jaipur
13 27-Jul Thursday Rajasthan Jaipur Jaipur
14 28-Jul Friday Transit    
15 29-Jul Saturday Haryana Rohtak Rohtak
16 30-Jul Sunday Sunday    
17 31-Jul Monday Punjab Patiala Patiala
18 1-Aug Tuesday Punjab Ludhiana Ludhiana
19 2-Aug Wednesday Punjab Mohali Mohali
20 3-Aug Thursday Hariyana Ambala Ambala
21 4-Aug Friday Transit    
22 5-Aug Saturday Delhi Delhi Delhi
23 6-Aug Sunday Sunday    
24 7-Aug Monday Uttar Pradesh Ghaziabad Ghaziabad
25 8-Aug Tuesday Uttar Pradesh Gautam Budh nagar Noida
26 9-Aug Wednesday Haryana Gurugram Gurugram
27 10-Aug Thursday Transit    
28 11-Aug Friday Uttar Pradesh Agra Agra
29 12-Aug Saturday Madhya Pradesh Gwalior Gwalior
30 13-Aug Sunday Sunday    
31 14-Aug Monday Janmasthami    
32 15-Aug Tuesday Independence Day    
33 16-Aug Wednesday Uttar Pradesh Jhansi Jhansi
34 17-Aug Thursday Transit    
35 18-Aug Friday Uttar Pradesh Kanpur Kanpur
36 19-Aug Saturday Uttar Pradesh Kanpur Kanpur
37 20-Aug Sunday Sunday    
38 21-Aug Monday Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Lucknow
39 22-Aug Tuesday Uttar Pradesh Faizabad Faizabad
40 23-Aug Wednesday Uttar Pradesh Gorakhpur Gorakhpur
41 24-Aug Thursday Transit    
42 25-Aug Friday Uttar Pradesh Varanasi Varanasi
43 26-Aug Saturday Uttar Pradesh Varanasi Varanasi
44 27-Aug Sunday Sunday    
45 28-Aug Monday Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Allahabad
46 29-Aug Tuesday Uttar Pradesh Allahabad Allahabad
47 30-Aug Wednesday Transit    
48 31-Aug Thursday Madhya Pradesh Jabalpur Jabalpur
49 1-Sep Friday Transit    
50 2-Sep Saturday Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Bhopal
51 3-Sep Sunday Sunday    
52 4-Sep Monday Madhya Pradesh Bhopal Bhopal
53 5-Sep Tuesday Transit    
54 6-Sep Wednesday Madhya Pradesh Ujjain Ujjain
55 7-Sep Thursday Madhya Pradesh Indore Indore
56 8-Sep Friday Madhya Pradesh Indore Indore
57 9-Sep Saturday Transit    
58 10-Sep Sunday Sunday    
59 11-Sep Monday Maharashtra Nagpur Nagpur
60 12-Sep Tuesday Maharashtra Amravati Amravati
61 13-Sep Wednesday Maharashtra Wardha Wardha
62 14-Sep Thursday Transit    
63 15-Sep Friday Maharashtra Akola Akola
64 16-Sep Saturday Transit    
65 17-Sep Sunday Sunday    
66 18-Sep Monday Maharashtra Aurangabad Aurangabad
67 19-Sep Tuesday Maharashtra Aurangabad Aurangabad
68 20-Sep Wednesday Transit    
69 21-Sep Thursday Maharashtra Nashik Nashik
70 22-Sep Friday Maharashtra Ahmednagar Ahmednagar
71 23-Sep Saturday Maharashtra Pune Pune
72 24-Sep Sunday Sunday    
73 25-Sep Monday Maharashtra Satara Satara
74 26-Sep Tuesday Maharashtra Kolhapur Kolhapur
75 27-Sep Wednesday Transit    
76 28-Sep Thursday Goa North Goa Mapusa
77 29-Sep Friday Goa North Goa Panjim
78 30-Sep Saturday Goa South Goa Vasco
79 1-Oct Sunday Sunday    
80 2-Oct Monday Gandhi Jayanti    
81 3-Oct Tuesday Goa South Goa Margaon
82 4-Oct Wednesday Goa South Goa Ponda
83 5-Oct Thursday Transit    
84 6-Oct Friday Maharashtra Ratnagiri Ratnagiri
85 7-Oct Saturday Transit    
86 8-Oct Sunday      
87 9-Oct Monday Maharashtra Raigadh Panvel
88 10-Oct Tuesday Maharashtra Raigadh Panvel
89 11-Oct Wednesday Maharashtra Mumbai Mumbai
90 12-Oct Thursday Maharashtra Mumbai Mumbai
91 13-Oct Friday Maharashtra Thane Virar


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