The URI army camp attack - Was it sponsored by Pakistan or China ? Why is India silent ? The Geo-Politics of CPEC

The Nice article written by Kiran, and with quite a detailed investigation, That helps to understand the Geo Politics behind CPEC and recent terrorist attacks on URI army camp.

But questions still remains, should we continue to play the game of politics or give them answer. 

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eSports - The 3rd Edition of Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup 2016 concludes with a spectacular finale at Infinity malad

 India's biggest and most venerated DOTA 2 tournament, the “Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup”, came to a close after its high-voltage finale round was held on September 16 and 17 at Infinity 2 Mall, Malad (West), Mumbai. A total of 12 teams where qualified for the grand finale.

Video games played at a professional, tournament level are referred to as “eSports”. So you might be surprised, Is video gaming a Sport or Hobby? Or a waste of time as treated by most parents in India. Most others may not consider video gaming to be a sports because it doesn't involve a physical activity.

I asked the same question to a young student who was a gamer at event, He replied "Even Chess is considered as a sport, no physical activity, just strategy and same principals are applied to video games.  it requires tremendous skill and strategy, strong mental focus, quick reaction time, and extreme dedication."  It was a good answer that put me into thinking, all I could reply was "hummm.... Well it's debatable".

Discussing with others, it appears that the United States, China, the United Kingdom, South Korea and many other countries have recognized video gaming as a sport. ( The gaming community in India may be small but its growing and making its foray into India. This year a total of 378 teams participated that included 40 teams from Delhi, 50 teams from Hyderabad, 55 teams from Mumbai, 77 teams from Bangalore, 64 teams from Chennai, and 92 teams from Kolkata. The participants have almost doubled in comparison to last year. The challenge saw games like DOTA 2 (Steam version) in competition method with 5 versus 5 (team play, 5 players per team). 

This stunning event is a part of the 2016 Taiwan Excellence Campaign in India. The Taiwan Excellence Campaign is organized by the Bureau of Foreign Trade (BOFT) and implemented by TAITRA with Sponsors: Acer, Adata, Asus, D-Link, Genius, Gigabyte, InWin, MSI, Optoma, Thermaltex, Transcend, and Zyxel. and a total cash Prize of Rs. 5 Lacs.

Yes, There is cash prize for the winning team. While speaking to gamers, I learned that in other countries Pro-Gamers have same respect like Hollywood stars and prizes are huge. In North America a similar tournament gave away $100,000 to the winners.  Wow!!

I learned that for few this is another way to make a living through gaming. Pro-gamers can also make money through corporate sponsorship, The buyers pay their teams a salary upto Rs 50,000 each and meet their hardware and software requirements and professionals spend nine to twelve hours a day, sharpening their skills in preparation for their next tournament.  This sounds like a fun career, I mean who thought that one day you will be paid for playing games.  hummm I wish there was such gaming contests in my times, as in my circle I was champion in PCMan and Prince of Persia, Yahooooo!! can't just describe the feeling when you finally reach to the princess ;).  I had record to complete the game in 45 minutes.

I wish good luck for the Winners of the “Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup” tournament. 

Team "Invisible Wings" at 1st Position.

Darshan Bata, Captain of the winning team Invisible Wings, said, “We are elated to have won in a gaming tournament as big as the Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup. The prize money too is good and it is a great motivation for people like us to pursue our passion in gaming. The entire set up of the event was amazing.”


Team "Beyond Infinity" was second.

Moin Ejaz, Captain of Beyond Infinity, the 1st runner-up, said, “The Taiwan Excellence Gaming Cup is one of the best gaming events in India. There is always something new to look forward to and the prize money is always big. Events such as these are a mecca for people like us who are passionate about gaming.


I did some googling and found 15 Of The Highest-Paid Professional Video Gamers In The World.  Wow.. Just look at the figures they earn in the tournaments. Others who are not Pro Gamers, Yet want to earn from playing games, here is the site  You can help Game developer companies to test their games.

BTW, Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Valve Corporation for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux and can be downloaded from here 

If you are still in love with PCMAN, You can play online here


Some More Photos of the Event.




The highest configured laptop for Pro Gamers on display by MSI Model: GT83VR.  The 2.7GHz Intel Core i7-6820HK 6th Gen processor with 32GB DDR3 RAM and 18.4-inch screen, NVidia GeForce GTX1070 8GB Graphics is available on Amazon at 3,37,900 with free delivery.



I liked the Idea of

This website is a very good idea and is a great way to buy gifts for people, when you know what they actually want.

Anu Gupta, Co- Founder, MakeMyWishes says" MakeMyWishes is the only social gift registry platform in India which gives a unique opportunity to both the sender and receiver of the gift, a chance of happiness and containment. The receiver is happy to receive what they wished for and the sender is content to having given a meaningful gift, which the receiver will remember."

All we need to do is create an event and post a wish in it either by pasting a URL or an image of the things we desires such as holiday packages, MacBook Air, a pair of trendy shoes or as simple as a box of cupcakes. Upon seeing your update, the social circle entailing family and friends would automatically know what to gift you for your birthday or any occasion.

Business idea is quite simple and i believe it would not take more then 15 to 20 lacks of investment with a high-end server ,development of software and advertising. The tough task would be to link up with various online retail stores and their affiliate programs and of course marketing to generate traffic to the website is always a challenge.

I wish good luck to the founders Ms. Anu Gupta and Ms. Sapna Chaudhary,




Are offerings by #JIO misleading?

Source : Unknown.  Received as WhatsApp forward.   But interesting write-up by unknown Author.

Reliance Jio: The champion of Digital India or Analog India?

I must admit that I was euphoric over the Reliance Jio launch today morning. Also, thanks to the media hype, I initially believed that it was a "revolutionary" service for data users like me who are glued to the internet all the time. But as the hours passed, reality began to sink in.
After some quick analysis, I have come to the conclusion that it is not for data users lke me who are constantly browsing the internet, but instead, it is actually for those who are constantly chattering on phone.

Let me take up some of the hyped up highlights & try to explain why it does not convince me to make a switch.

1) First & foremost, it is portrayed as the messiah for data users. All the news channels have been highlighting that the data charges on Reliance Jio is as low as Rs 50/GB. This is actually highly misleading because that low rate of Rs 50/GB would be applicable only when you buy the high end monthly pack of Rs 4,999 per month!! In that pack, you get around 75 GB which roughly translates to Rs 50/GB. But in a normal pack like Rs 499 per month, you get only 4 GB, which translates to around Rs 100/GB. And if you consider the Rs 19 pack which gives 100 MB, it translates to around Rs 190/GB.

2) In the entry level package of Rs 149 per month, although you get unlimited voice calls (which is highly appreciated), you get only 300 MB of data. So, it is definitely not for a data user like me, but for someone who hardly uses internet, and wants unlimited calling.

3) The Rs 19/day pack is marketed as a chota pack which can cater to casual users who want to browse internet on a need basis. But there is nothing revolutionary about it because it offers only 100 MB for Rs 19 & the validity is 1 day. Suppose I am on the Rs 149/month pack and I exhaust my 300 MB within few days and one fine day I want to book an Ola cab or watch a 1 min YouTube video, then I must shell out a minimum of Rs 19. (There is no pack smaller than that). But if I am on Airtel/Idea/Vodafone, I can go for their Rs 9 pack and get 35 MB. i.e Instead of spending Rs 19 on Reliance Jio to book an Ola cab, I can recharge Rs 9 on Airtel & get the work done. Also, it is to be noted that Airtel/Idea offer 100 MB of 4G data for Rs 24 which has a validity of 3 days, which I feel is much better than Jio's 100 MB of 4G data for Rs 19 which has a validity of 1 day.

4) As explained above, the Rs 149/month pack makes no sense for data users because it gives only 300 MB. The next pack is the Rs 499/month pack which has 4 GB of data (along with the default unlimited calling feature). Since unlimited calling is available in both the Rs 149 pack as well as Rs 499 pack, then the only difference is that the 499 pack gives you additional 3.7 GB of data at an additional cost of Rs 350.
=> Rs 350 for 3.7 GB? Sorry, not convincing. Your own brother Anil Ambani has been offering 10 GB of data for less than Rs 400. Yes, I agree that while they are offering 3G, you are offering 4G, but at the end of the day, the total data remains the same.

5) Let me take up the next pack. Rs 999. I get 10 GB of data (along with the default unlimited calling feature).
Compared to the Rs 149 pack which already has unlimited calling feature, what I get in this pack is effectively 9.7 GB of data for Rs 850.
I am not impressed because if I spend a little extra, I can get unlimited 3G from BSNL. Yes, Unlimited 3G by BSNL for Rs 1099.

Check this:

6) Now that I have seen how even the Rs 999 pack fails to impress me, due to much better offering from BSNL. Why should I pay Rs 999 to Reliance for 10 GB data, when BSNL is offering me unlimited data for
Rs 1099?

What is my conclusion finally?
For a data user, Reliance Jio is not impressive. If the usage is more than 1 GB per month, then the Rs 149 pack should not even be considered because it has only 300 MB. In the next pack, Jio offers 4 GB data for Rs 499 which is not revolutionary, but since it says night time is unlimited, I think it can be called "evolutionary". But still that is not such a great incentive to switch.
In the next plan which costs Rs 999, it offers only 10 GB, whereas BSNL gives me unlimited data for almost the same price.

That's about my personal requirements. Now let's look at the overall benefit for the masses.

The only major advantage for the masses is the unlimited voice calling which can be availed for Rs 149 per month. In today's scenario, most of the mobile users, especially among the working class, are actually prepaid users with free lifetime validity connections, upon which they regularly recharge Rs 20-30 which usually lasts for almost a month for them. For example, I personally know many taxi drivers, vegetable vendors, mechanics etc who hardly make outgoing calls. Even if they make an outgoing call, it would not last for more than a minute. Such people tend to use only Rs 30-50 talktime per month, for which only Rs 50 topup recharge is sufficient. (Such recharges have unlimited validity).
Now, if they must go for Jio just because the free voice calling is tempting, then it means they must shell out Rs 149, which lapses after 28 days (It has 28 days validity), after which they must again recharge Rs 149 and so on. For someone who is used to topup of Rs 20-30 per month (and that too on a need basis), such a mandatory cost of Rs 149/month sounds very expensive. That translates to around 149*12 = Rs 1800 per annum, compared to their existing habit of regular topups which might come up to a total of just 20*12 = Rs 240 per annum which is sufficient for their practical purposes.
That's a whopping 6 times higher, just for unlimited voice calling, whether you really do unlimited calling or not.

So, as we can see, the only upside is unlimited voice, and not data. Even the unlimited voice for Rs 149 sounds high for the majority who are happy with their Rs 20-30 topup once in every 20-30 days.

Hence, it is difficult to categorize Reliance Jio as a revolutionary data service, but it can be a good voice service if one is into chattering regularly for 1 hour outgoing call every day.

Now that we have realized that the Jio plans are not revolutionary, can we atleast call it evolutionary? Not really. By claiming itself as a path for Digital India & provide internet to the masses, it might actually end up becoming popular only for its unlimited voice, and since voice services are considered "backward", it is certainly not evolutionary.

This way, Jio, according to my analysis is chalking out the vision of "Analog India" (voice), but not "Digital India" (data).

The Create Pad: The Lenovo's new Inovation, A Yoga Book with 'Halo' digital keyboard.


Watch The Video

Lenovo has announced the all-new Yoga Book, a different kind of tablet. The new feature is a touch-sensitive surface powered by Wacom. It has light-up keys that make it a keyboard called "Halo Keyboard", but it also accepts input from a stylus. There are two variants, The first runs on Android Marshmallow for $499, The other is a Windows 10 version for $549.

Powered by Intel Atom x5-Z8550 Processor Quad-Core, 10.1" FHD IPS (1920 x 1200) screen, Nano SIM Card Slot and  8500mAh battery and weight 1.52 pounds (690 grams) is impressive.