I liked the Idea of MakeMyWishes.com

This website is a very good idea and is a great way to buy gifts for people, when you know what they actually want.

Anu Gupta, Co- Founder, MakeMyWishes says" MakeMyWishes is the only social gift registry platform in India which gives a unique opportunity to both the sender and receiver of the gift, a chance of happiness and containment. The receiver is happy to receive what they wished for and the sender is content to having given a meaningful gift, which the receiver will remember."

All we need to do is create an event and post a wish in it either by pasting a URL or an image of the things we desires such as holiday packages, MacBook Air, a pair of trendy shoes or as simple as a box of cupcakes. Upon seeing your update, the social circle entailing family and friends would automatically know what to gift you for your birthday or any occasion.

Business idea is quite simple and i believe it would not take more then 15 to 20 lacks of investment with a high-end server ,development of software and advertising. The tough task would be to link up with various online retail stores and their affiliate programs and of course marketing to generate traffic to the website is always a challenge.

I wish good luck to the founders Ms. Anu Gupta and Ms. Sapna Chaudhary, https://www.makemywishes.com/




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