The battle of 4G and Public Craziness, Reliance Jio / Airtel's Mega Saver Pack

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Well yes that's the Queue for getting Reliance Jio connection.......

Public reactions are always like this especially when company announces truly unlimited usage of 4G FREE for 3 months which includes 4G LTE data, voice calls, text messages and a bunch of other value added services like live streaming of TV channels, movies on demand and music streaming. But one has to buy a LYF (4G-enabled VoLTE) branded smartphone which is sold by Reliance Digital.

Rival carriers like Airtel not pleased with Jio's modus operandi, but to retain their existing customers launched new scheme ‘Mega Saver Pack’.

With Rs.1498 pack get 1GB 4G/3G data upfront and enjoy truly unlimited number of 1GB 4G/3G recharges @ Rs 51 over the next 12 months
With Rs.748 pack get 1GB 4G/3G data upfront and enjoy truly unlimited number of 1GB 4G/3G recharges @ Rs 99 over the next 6 months


Personally I feel there is no much point in spending money behind a newPhone / Sim  just for 3 months unlimited internet. What is so much, are you going to download ?  Most of torrent sites is also blocked and you can land into legal trouble if you attempt to access. Also...

A. Reliance Jio is currently beta testing 4G, and hence its giving unlimited free 4G to grab customers, but when they will begin commercial launch the prices will be similar to other carries and 70% or more users will dropout. we all can predict that quite.

B. How many hours are you going to watch TV or Movies on a phone with tiny screen size ? Also Live TV and Movies won't be free later, either you have to pay upfront or per movies.

C. Most of heavy users prefer and are connected to Wifi either from their office or Home. So question to ask is.. how much is the actual usage of internet via your Mobile connection ?  Are you really consuming your entire GBs as per your data plan? 

D. 51*12 + 1498 = 2,110/- at this price will Airtel or Reliance give me 12gb of data for a validity period of 12 months ?  Well they will not, they all have done their maths and they know, hardly few will consume entire 1GB in a given month.

None of the unused data is carry forward to next month.  which is where you loose your money. You pay more but use less. Seriously customers should calculate their monthly usage and then buy any internet packs. 

E. Do you really get a 4G speed ?  I never got 3G speed or even 2G speed to the fullest. Speed always depends on traffic in that area... LOL it means Pay for 4G and GET 2G.

Newspaper advertisement says "Airtel Cuts 4G price by upto 80%".  Customers are surprized and feel that sudden high reduction in price of 4G internet shows that, was Airtel looting the customers for so long. ??


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